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700-991-1AA01 OPTopus

OPTopus, PROFIBUS Optical Link Connector 700-991-1AA01

$ 302.60

OPTopus, Versatile Link (incl. plug-in connector and instruction)

The OPTopus PROFIBUS Optical Link from Systeme Helmholz GmbH is a full PROFIBUS repeater with an integrated FO interface. The OPTopus permits transmission rates of 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps on the PROFIBUS with automatic detection of the baud rate. With its optical signal transmission, it offers complete electrical isolation between the PROFIBUS stations and PROFIBUS subnetworks. A further advantage of the OPTopus is its insensitivity to EMC influences.
Because of its compact design, no additional space in the control cabinet is required for deployment because the OPTopus PROFIBUS Optical Link can be used instead of a PROFIBUS connector and is simply plugged into a station in the PROFIBUS network. Moreover, no separate power supply is required because the OPTopus uses the 5 V power supply that every PROFIBUS device provides for the terminating resistor.
The transmission signals are converted into optical signals by the OPTopus and are transmitted on the FO line in this way. The signals are also regenerated with their edge steepness, level and mark-to-space ratio. The OPTopus PROFIBUS is available with 3 different optical interfaces and can therefore also be perfectly combined with existing transmission systems. It is suitable for POF* and PCF* FO. For the close range up to 65 m, an optical transmission line can be set up very quickly and without great effort using POF*. The scope of supply of the OPTopus contains the appropriate POF* connectors for this purpose. Only a standard POF* FO is additionally required. For larger distances up to 250 m, PCF*-FOs can be used. The optical interface of the OPTopus transmits in the visual range (650 nm red light), which enables initial checking of the optical transmission line without expensive measuring instruments.
For many applications, the OPTopus PROFIBUS Optical Link is a real alternative to conventional optical signal converters, both technically and in terms of price. It additionally provides the advantages of a normal repeater. Bus extension, increase in the number of stations and expansion of your plant. Use in MPI networks is also possible.
As a special application, the PROFIBUS Optical Link permits the building of spur lines as autonomous segments.
For this purpose, it can be plugged into programming device port of an existing PROFIBUS connector.
The OPTopus PROFIBUS Optical Link for diagnostic purposes provides a traffic LED and an error LED for the PROFIBUS, and for the optical interface. These keep you informed at all times about the bus status and ensure targeted troubleshooting.
There is also a power LED that provides information about the operating status and status of the terminating resistors.


• PROFIBUS baud rate (9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps), autodetect
• Compact design, not larger than a Helmholz PROFIBUS connector
• LED display of traffic/bus errors separately for FO and PROFIBUS segment
• Switchable terminating resistor with optical display
• Complete electrical isolation
• Insensitive to EMC influences
• No 24 V power supply required
• Powered directly with 5 V through the PROFIBUS stations
• This connector uses the Versatile optical interface
• Suitable for POF* and PCF* FO
• Range: Cable length POF* 65 m
• Range: Cable length PCF* 250 m
• POF* FO plug-in connector supplied

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