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.Bus Coupler TB20-C EtherNet/IP - 600-175-1AA11

.Bus Coupler TB20-C EtherNet/IP - 600-175-1AA11

$ 311.00

The EtherNet/IP bus coupler allows access to the peripheral module data via the EtherNet/IP protocol.
In order to start, a bus coupler and at least one peripheral module are required.
A total of 64 user-defined modules can be connected in series to the bus coupler. The bus coupler supports hot-plugging for exchanging modules during operation.
It detects peripheral modules that are plugged in and allows access to the module's I/O data via input/output assemblies.
The EtherNet/IP bus coupler has an integrated 2-port switch that allows a configuration as a star topology as well as a line topology.
The large I/O image size of one kbyte allows the implementation of even larger and more complex designs.
With the help of the TB20 ToolBox the configuration of the system design and the module parameters can be easily set and transmitted to the coupler.

The 24 V power supply connector, the final bus cover element and the base module are already included in the delivery.

General characteristics
• Use in star and bus topologies
• Support of unicast and multicast CIP connections
• Up to 511 bytes of input assembly data and up to 511 bytes of output assembly data
• Easy access to assembly sizes and the structure of the memory map within the assemblies using TB20 ToolBox
• Implicit messaging (transport class 1); Explicit messaging (transport class 3)
• TCP watchdog
• IP address adjustable relative to a base IP address using concealable DIP switches
• DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for assigning the IP address (selectable by DIP switch)
• Integrated 2-port switch with 2 x RJ45 connectors
• Up to 64 modules can be managed on the bus
• Automatic assignment of module process data to the Ethernet/IP mapping
• Module configuration, parameterization, and diagnostics with TB20 ToolBox on the USB service port
• Replacement of modules during operation (hot plugging)
• 24 VDC power supply
• Integrated power supply unit for powering peripheral modules (2.5 A)
• Supplies the system’s I/O voltage (24 VDC)
• 9 LEDs, including 3 two-tone LEDs, for module and networkstatus
• USB service port for online diagnostics, parameter configuration, initial start-up,
  and firmware update with “TB20 ToolBox”
• Simulation mode for independent tests carried out by the bus operation of each module,
  including the module parameters via TB20 ToolBox
• Reset to factory settings using hidden switch (Factory Reset)


Download EDS file here:  TB20 EDS

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