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TB20 I/O System

The Powerful TB20 Distributed I/O System from Systeme Helmholz

The compact, modular and low cost I/O system provides connectivity to the leading networks in the world: ProfiBUS DP, ProfiNET, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, CanOpen and more!

Designed to reduce the number of part numbers required, the TB20 I/O system does not need a power module as it is integrated into the bus coupler.  The I/O modules are a three piece design including the base module, terminal block & the electronics and are available in densities from 2 points to 16 points allowing for up to 67% space savings over other I/O systems.  A total of 64 modules can be connected to an individual bus coupler.

The free TB20 Toolbox software can be used to design the configuration, simulate the I/O and provide diagnostic data.  DOWNLOADS:    USB Driver    TB20 Toolbox

     *For any modules not listed, please contact us for availability.