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PROFIBUS Compact Repeater - 700-972-0RB12

PROFIBUS Compact Repeater - 700-972-0RB12

$ 335.00

PROFIBUS Compact Repeater (incl. instruction)

The new PROFIBUS Compact Repeater from Systeme Helmholz GmbH is a fully functional PROFIBUS Repeater.  The Repeater covers transmission rates from 9.6 Kbps to 12 Mbps.

The transmitted signals are regenerated by the repeater and resent (Bit-Reshaping and Retransmission), so troubles in the line are mostly avoided. In terms of price as well as in terms of technical reasons the PROFIBUS Compact Repeater is a real option for multitude applications instead of  using standard repeaters.
It can be used for bus extensions (up to 1 km with 2 PROFIBUS Compact Repeaters), ing the number of the stations as well as for plant extensions. The operation in MPI networks is also possible. As a special application option the PROFIBUS Compact Repeater offers you the possibility of the usage of drop cables as standalone segments. Therefore it can be plugged directly on the PG port of a built in PROFIBUS connector.
Due to the compact shape no additional room is needed in the cabinet, as the PROFIBUS Compact Repeater can be used instead of PROFIBUS Connector, or simply plugged onto a node in the PROFIBUS Network.
Furthermore no separate power supply is needed, as the PROFIBUS Compact Repeater is using the 5 V power supply that every PROFIBUS device possesses for the terminating resistor. The PROFIBUS Compact Repeater generates an isolation between both PROFIBUS segments. The integrated status LEDs provide a fast overview on the current Bus status.

• A real alternative to conventional PROFIBUS repeaters
• No additional space needed in the cabinet
• Very flexible in its use
• Can be used as a bus extension or spur line
• Increases the number of stations on the bus
• System expansion
• Can also be used in MPI networks
• Status LEDs
• 24 V supply is not necessary
• 5 V power supply direct from the PROFIBUS, with that it’s usable on every PROFIBUS device
• Electrical isolation


A great alternative to the Siemens 6ES7 972-0AA02-0XA0 (and the obsolete 6ES7 972-0AA00-0XA0 & 6ES7 972-0AA01-0XA0)

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