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FLEXtra® profiPoint 700-972-1AA02

FLEXtra® profiPoint 700-972-1AA02

$ 125.00

The FLEXtra® profiPoint is used primarily to supply the terminating resistor and is designed for mounting on a DIN rail.

FLEXtra® profiPoint

It can be used in conjunction with a PROFIBUS connector as the active measurement point or as an active terminator. Power is supplied independent of the bus through a socket.
Through the use of an active terminating resistor, participants of the bus system can optionally be switched on and off without causing malfunctions.
An integrated LED allows the correct function of the profiPoint to be read. For connection to the PROFIBUS cable, a PROFIBUS connector is required.

The FLEXtra® profiPoint is also available in a set with a PROFIBUS connector.

  • Power supply independent of the bus participants
  • Device-independent bus termination due to a separate power supply
  • Suitable for use as an active measurement point
  • Supply of active PROFIBUS components (compact repeater, NETLink®, PROFIBUS diagnostic connector)

Siemens Equivalent: 6ES7972-0AA00-0XA0, 6ES7972-0AA01-0XA0, 6ES7972-0AA02-0XA0

Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 2

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