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FLEXtra® multiRepeater 4-way 700-972-4AA02

FLEXtra® multiRepeater 4-way 700-972-4AA02

$ 825.00

FLEXtra® multiRepeater 4-way (incl. instruction)

The FLEXtra® multiRepeater from Systeme Helmholz GmbH is a multiple PROFIBUS Repeater. It is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. The FLEXtra® multiRepeater regenerates the electrical signal arriving on a bus cable and retransmits it (bit reshaping and retransmission). The level, edge steepness and mark-to-space ratio of the signals are reproduced exactly. It supports transmission rates of 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps and detects the rate automatically.
The multiRepeater can be used to extend the bus, to increase the number of stations on the bus, and to expand the plant. Use in MPI networks is also possible. As a special application, the FLEXtra® multiRepeater enables a star network with autonomous segments. The status LEDs integrated for each segment provide a fast overview of the bus status. Moreover, the FLEXtra® multiRepeater ensures electrical isolation between the PROFIBUS segments. The multiRepeater also has DIP switch for disconnecting individual or all segments. The segments are disconnected but each segment remains separately functional. PROFIBUS connectors are required for connection to the PROFIBUS cable.

• Building star networks
• Plant expansion up to 4 segments with a single device
• Increased number of stations on the bus
• Deployable for bus extension or as a spur line
• Can also be used in MPI networks
• Status LEDs for each segment
• Repeating function can be deactivated for each segment or completely
• Electrical isolation of all segments

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